Radionics is a method of diagnosis and treatment - usually done at a distance. Using equipment designed by Malcolm Rae and other pioneers in the field it is possible to 'broadcast' healing energy patterns - the equivalent of homeopathically potentised remedies, colours, flower essences or herbal extracts - to any person anywhere in the world, provided one has a 'witness' from that person. The most common witness is a lock of hair.

If you consider that each of our body cells contains our unique genetic code, then you can begin to understand how a broadcasted remedy is able to target a particular person via his or her witness anywhere on earth. Similarly, radionics is used to treat animals and also finds application in a number of other areas.

Radionics opens up the possibility of consulting by telephone, email or post. Once you have given or sent me a sample of your hair, I can broadcast a remedy to you daily over a number of days, using radionic equipment. This way of treating tends to be more remedy-based than counselling-based, although it can be combined with telephone or Skype counselling. Healing at any distance - country- and even world-wide - becomes possible.

Although one can arrive at a correct remedy for a client in a number of ways, radionicists tend to dowse for the correct remedy. This usually involves using a pendulum, although other methods are used too. Radionics can be said to be a healing art where physics and metaphysics, science and the spiritual, all come together.

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