Certain foods we eat may actually maintain and sustain our symptoms. In some cases, changing one's diet can have dramatic health enhancing and curative effects. If we eat a diet of selected natural foods our bodies can extract the maximum amount of nourishment and energy from them without much wastage and can process them with much greater ease than foods which have been concentrated, processed or refined. By reducing or cutting out specific foods one can considerably lighten the body's workload. The energy used by the liver and the kidneys to detoxify the body of these foods will then be freed for any healing process.

In addition, your body manufactures a number of natural chemicals - such as beta-endorphin and seretonin - that affect how we feel and act. Eating appropriate foods produces good levels of these natural chemicals. Beta-endorphin creates a sense of well-being, reduces pain, eases emotional distress, and increases self-esteem. It also controls anxiety, defuses paranoid feelings, reduces anger and relieves certain types of depression. Seretonin affects our impulse-control and therefore our ability to plan ahead well or not - depending on the level of serotonin in our bodies. In turn, the self-control created by good levels of seretonin in the body leads to better decision-making which creates a sense of relaxation and of being at peace in the world. The amount of both beta-endorphin and seretonin produced by the body can be dramatically increased through diet.

Apart from diet, Naturecure also employs certain water treatments at times and sometimes light body manipulations.

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