Counselling & Dreamwork

Symptoms seldom just happens to us but inevitably mask the places where we are stuck. The body 'speaks' through symptoms and if we can understand the link between our physical illness and the inner dis-ease that it mirrors, our healing has greater depth.

Many people come to me for help with physical symptoms. Others come who aren't suffering physically, but feel the need to understand their feelings of distress or disappointment or their inability to feel joy in life because of ongoing anxiety.

Over the 40 years that I have been a homeopath I have found that homeopathy is not just about giving remedies. Sometimes healing comes when our inner blocks, confusions and distresses are mirrored by someone who listens attentively and without criticism. We then get a chance to hear ourselves with care and without self-judgement. And that opens the door into new and more creative pathways of living.

I use Homeopathy/Radionics, Bach Flower Remedies and adjustments to diet to address the physical symptoms. At the same time, through listening to your dreams and inner longings and frustrations I help you make sense of the connection between your outer and inner worlds.