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Marina McAlpine


At the centre of my photography is the interplay between external reality and imagination. My aim is to draw the viewer through the steady outer appearance of the world into more mysterious depths, the realm of fantasy and imagination that we turn to whenever we want to explore what lies behind the obvious. In this sense my pictures are of a world as seen "through squinting eyes" which has much in common with the gaze of the child, constantly seeing through surface apearances, and moving away from the realism that we associate with photography. This pushes my photography deeper into the abstract world and does justice to my statement, "I paint with my camera".

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Each picture is part of a signed limited edition of 20 and is available as a C- and R-type hand print or Giclee Fine Art Print.

Prices for A3-A2 image-sizes range from 180.00 to 360.00. Giclee Fine Art Prints can be printed up to size A0 - prices upon request.

Marina McAlpine